Naples is the home of pizza, chaotic streets & pretty views.

Naples, the largest city in southern Italy is full of contradictions. This amazing place is 
the home of pizza, chaotic streets, urban fashion & pretty views. And oh, let's not forget to 
mention that food is not just food here - it's a religion! Living with an italian family was on 
my bucket list for a long time and this year I was lucky enough to experience how warm-
hearted italians can be. What impressed me the most was the spirit of the people who 
 really know how to enjoy life to the fullest. But now - let the photos do the talking... 

Places recommend by my two lovely Italian friends: If you want to 
try some delicious street food don't forget to visit the street named S Gregorio Armeno
and really famous pizzeria named Di Matteo (Hint: Bill Clinton and some other celebrities
were eating here). The prices are really good and typical naples food such as Frittatina 
Zeppole and Panzarotti are just "Oh, so Yummy!". Piazza Del Gesù and Piazza 
Del Plebiscito are another two plases worth visiting for grabbing a coffee. And let's not 
forget to mention breathtaking Giuseppone A Mare with a perfect view on a Mount 
Vesuvius and colorful Naples. But most importantly - just go with the flow and enjoy the 
spirit of the city, kind people and amazing cuisine.
Italijo preprosto obožujem. Zaradi vseh čudovitih kotičkov, neomajne ljubezni do paste na
101 način ter sproščene "carpe diem" naravnanosti, ki mi jo v Ljubljani ob stresnem tempu 
vsakdana večkrat korenito primanjkuje. "Mi dispiace, ma non parlo bene l'italiano." je moja 
priljubljena fraza, ki pride v kompletu z nasmehom in zavedanjem, da je prijaznost 
univerzalni jezik in lahko včasih pove več kot tisoč besed.

Vsako mesto govori svojo zgodbo a nekaj je gotovo: jug je opazno bolj kaotičen, barvit in poln
 nasprotji. Neapelj se je zgodil spontano in me sprejel z veliko mero gostoljubja. Dobila sem 
neprecenljivo priložnost, da za nekaj dni pokukam v življenje italijanske družine in mesto 
spoznam skozi oči dveh domačinov. Srečna sem, da sem preživela vse nore vožnje po najbolj 
kaotičnih ulicah (Mamma mia!), dobila priložnost za nočni razgled na celotno mesto in tisoč 
migetajočih lučk z gradu, spoznala čudovite koščke obale in se italijanski mami pustil 
razvajati z najboljšo hrano na svetu. Še se vrnem! :)

Dreamland traveling guide: All around the Europe.

“Your 20’s are your ‘selfish’ years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing
 possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. Tinker with shit, travel, 
explore, love a lot, love a little, and... never touch the ground.Kyoko Escamilla

They say: "If you've lost your passion, don't be afraid of change.". That's pretty 
much exactly what I was looking for in past few months. A change. I always had 
this strange kind of love-hate relationship with routine & applying for an exchange 
program was the best decision I ever made. Living with other  cultures,  studying abroad 
and all this amazing, breathtaking European cities was exactly what I needed. Amen!

Since I'm really passionate about traveling and I have so many photos & quite 
awesome recommendations in my traveling notebook I decided to start blogging again. 
So, it's official - I'm turning Dreamland into life style traveling quide. Every Week I'll write 
about new city and you can expect tons of useful tips, colorful photos & cosy places to 
grab a coffee or taste something "Yummy"... Let the journey begin!

En korak naprej... Velik korak. Iz cone udobja, poznanih ulic ljubljene Ljubljane, znanih 
obrazov... Realnost je na počitnicah, nova spoznanja na dnevnem meniju. Res je kar 
pravijo- v vsakem kotičku tega sveta najdeš ljudi, ki jih lahko v trenutku vzljubiš in 
kotičke, ki so tako zelo domači. Iskreno težko opišem kako zelo cenim tole leto, ki se rutini 
izogiba v velikem loku in vsakemu dnevu znova že zjutraj daje priložnost, da je nekaj čisto 
posebnega. Neponovljivega. Ko pogledam nazaj lahko brez omahovanj trdim, da je 
študijska izmenjava ena iz med mojih najboljših odločitev, ki me je v marsikaterem 
pogledu korenito spremenila. Zdaj vem, da so meje le v naših glavah.

Spomine še naprej lovim v objektiv, klepetam z neznanci različnih kultur in iščem skrite 
kotičke, ki zaradi svoje prikupnosti kradejo dih.  Upam, da bo Dreamland kraljestvo vseh 
uporabnih nasvetov, nekomercialnih predlogov "kam na kavo?" in navdih za tvoj naslednji 
potep v neznano. Nekaj je gotovo- potovanja osrečujejo & širijo obzorja. 

P.s. Sharing is caring... Let's finish every post with some good music, shall we? :) Here is 
pretty cool band from Slovakia... Honestly, I randomly discovered them when they were 
playing in one of my favorite "hanging out" places in Bratislava - KC Dunaj. Enjoy!

Spring Awakening.

Spring is perfect time for setting new goals and enjoying all the small things. In short: Sunny 
days, flowers everywhere, tons of ice cream and good vibes. Can't get better than this!  "
want to live happily withoute too many outside influences. I want to eat great food, travel 
and surround myself with loved ones. The goal: Living simply whatever that means."
Pomlad je v moje življenje nepričakovano pripeljala vrtinec novih priložnosti in občutek, da 
se stvari premikajo v pravo smer... Če le ta sploh obstaja. Vsake toliko se je lepo za trenutek 
prepustiti naivnosti, plavati v oblakih nepremišljenosti in iz potovanja v neznano potegniti
 le najboljše. Pa vi, se kdaj zalotite pri sanjarjenju z odprtimi očmi? ;)

Perfect song... FAUL - Changes

Breakfast club: 50 shades of health.

Modern life is full of hurry & worry a.k.a. tons of stress, deadlines frustrations and beauty 
ideals... Teenage girls are wrecking their bodies with 'size zero' diets and I know way too 
many people with an eating disorder. All I can say is: Don't!!! Take care of your body... 
it's the only place you have to live in. Here are my top 4 fast & healthy breakfast Ideas- 
say "Hello!" to smoothies, nuts, season fruits, muesli and different kind of tea. :)
Doseganje obstoječih lepotnih idealov- tekmovanje z družbenimi normami ali s samim seboj? 
Podrejanje življenja preštevanju kalorij se mi zdi nadvse utopična ideja in sama se v velikem 
loku izogibam visokoletečim obljubam najrazličnejših diet. Zdi se, da smo ljudje nekje na svoji 
poti pozabili živeti v pravem pomenu besede... Panično iščemo bližnjice na vseh področjih ali
 na kratko: ne zanima nas več pot temveč zgolj in samo cilj. Čas je, da se vrnemo nazaj k 
Summer vibes... Mr. Probz - Waves

Crowns and tiaras.

From runway to real life... Feels like Spring!
(inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana, My little crown: thanks to KKJ )

Show must go on!

" Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams." February was the month of decision,
 parties and new projects. 28 days of pure awesomeness. :) ( P.s. I'm back to blogging, yaay!)

Mladost je norost?  Oder priložnosti, obdobje vprašanj o prihodnosti in odmerkov
zmedenosti, ki prihajajo  in odhajajo v različnih intervalih. V zadnjih tednih se odločam
 o precej  pomembnih stvareh-od lokacije Erasmus izmenjave (v igri  so trenutno tako Češka
- Praga, Irska in moja skandinavska ljubezen, Švedska) in vsaj krajše menjave matične
univerze pa vse tja do študentskeka udejstvovanja  doma. "Shoud I stay or should I go?"
Domovina ali tujina? We'll see. Za mano je res krasen mesec- mavrično obarvan ampak
kljub obilici dela še vedno brezkompromisno najdem čas za vse tiste lepe stvari... Se beremo, xx. :)

Press for Champagne, I turned 22 today!

 Fact of the day: I turned 22 today! :) Yup, It's official - I'm getting old...  Sounds almost 
unreal, am I right?  Anyways- I am more than ready for another wonderful "356  days" 
circle in this beautiful world. Cheers, my dears! :)
I am not the same individual I was a year ago, a month ago or even a week ago... This is
 the reason I decided to make a short "highlights" of the month post every now and then.
 And *tadadam* here is the first one: January 2014 in favorite links, blog & fashion 
crushes, good music, retro movies, Instagram photos and much more... 
I truly feel in love with the concept of this blog... It's brilliant, clap clap young lady. The style rookie.
Web Fashionland- this place is Heaven for inspiration. They all hate us!
Tumblr's number one source for Chanel. Peacelovechanel!
My latest  fashion crush: lace,white as snow. #dreamy
+ Some of my "home decor" photo crushes. Lovely, huh?
As you already know I am crazy about interior design. This is the reason I made this cute 
"home decor" mix with some pretty cool shopping ideas...#MYWISHLIST  ;) 

And least but not last... List of  web links you should visit and other lovely things I loved in 
January. :) First of all: Artic Monkeys - AM ( Full album) - I just can't get enough of it! :)
Movies I enjoyed watching: About time (lovely & romantic, a bit dreamy as well), The wolf 
of Wall Street ( Bitter sweet movie but I loved it! The most brilliant comedic performance of 
Leonardo DiCaprio's career if you ask me.) Long term 12  (It left me speechless ).

P.S. Thumbs up for a short clip about my favorite Facebook page with concept:
 Humans of New York.  TEDtalk worth watching it: How do YOU define yourself?
Čas beži. Trudim se, da beži z menoj in ne mimo mene... V ritmu mojega vsakdana in v 
sorazmerju z vsemi mojimi načrti za prihodnost. Leta so samo številka, definirajo nas 
izkušnje in spomini. Upam, da jih bo v dvaindvajsetem kar se da veliko... Tistih lepih,
 nepozabnih- predvsem pa norih in navdahnjenih z mladostno energijo. :)